Hey and a huge welcome to my page,

I am Natasha Clarke – Mindset coach for aspiring female entrepreneurs.

So, if you are an aspiring female entrepreneur you are in exactly the right place. My job is to help you create unstoppable success by changing your mindset to create unstoppable success.

Yup…. think of me as your Mindset Guru!

I’ll teach you to become the ‘CEO of your mindset’

I am so happy and grateful you have found your way here. I am a big believer in the Law of Attraction and that everything happens for a reason….so this is fate!

I am guessing the reason you are here is that you are tired of playing small, feeling negative and stuck? You are fed up with not earning your worth and always struggling, coasting along day by day and you know you deserve more….you just can’t seem to make it happen!….

You have read all the self help books and yeah they make you feel inspired for a day or two but then you feel back to square one. So, onto the endless scrolling through Youtube videos to help you make the change but that doesn’t work either… so now you are feeling even more deflated about not reaching your goals (and you really are trying) but nothing seems to be working

Well it’s time to breathe….. let out all that stress, worry and tension and look no further… you have found the perfect place for help!

If you want to be doing what you love, earning the money you deserve, living your best life then I am here to help.

I help ambitious women like you change your mindset to create your dream life where the possibilities are endless….. Trust me… If I can make it happen….ANYONE can!

If you are reading this and resonating, thinking yup, yup, yup this is meeeeeee then book in your free clarity call to discuss how I can help you.


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All you need is a dream and I make it a plan and together we make magic!

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Are you a go-getting, ambitious, big dreams kinda women and need some help and support to make this happen?

Are you serious about wanting to change your mindset to change your life?

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I primarily signed up to this programme to help with my business but it’s actually been much more than that.  My relationship with myself, my husband, family and friends are now flourishing because I’ve changed my mindset.

I was progressing in business but I just didn’t feel satisfied and wasn’t enjoying the process.  I felt like I was never doing enough and just didn’t feel proud of what I had already achieved.   

I expected so much from myself which was having a big impact on my confidence and self-belief.   Even though I was feeding myself with lots of positive information, I just wasn’t really believing it!

The Mindset Makeover programme is really great!!  The content is brilliant and the sessions with Natasha are unreal. I’ve grown so much in confidence.  I create my own happiness.  I recognise how far I’ve come, I’m enjoying the journey and I am so excited for the future!”

Rachael Giordani
The owner of Expo Ltd

Natasha is a powerhouse of a coach who is able to help women breakthrough their own inner blocks that are holding them back from creating the business and life they are meant for. The mindset work is THE most important part of the entrepreneurial journey so if you know you are meant for big things, it’s crucial that the real inner work is done. Natasha’s coaching isn’t just about accountability, but about helping women really step into their power so that their business has the best chance of success. Her own business growth and what she has already achieved to date is testament to the fact that when you overcome those limiting beliefs, anything is possible. If you want to change your mindset you MUST work with Natasha

Dani Watson
Founder of The Clique

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