I primarily signed up to this programme to help with my business but it’s actually been much more than that.  My relationship with myself, my husband, family and friends are now flourishing because I’ve changed my mindset.

I was progressing in business but I just didn’t feel satisfied and wasn’t enjoying the process.  I felt like I was never doing enough and just didn’t feel proud of what I had already achieved.   

I expected so much from myself which was having a big impact on my confidence and self-belief.   Even though I was feeding myself with lots of positive information, I just wasn’t really believing it!

The Mindset Makeover programme is really great!!  The content is brilliant and the sessions with Natasha are unreal. I’ve grown so much in confidence.  I create my own happiness.  I recognise how far I’ve come, I’m enjoying the journey and I am so excited for the future!”

Rachael Giordani
The owner of Expo Ltd

Natasha is a powerhouse of a coach who is able to help women breakthrough their own inner blocks that are holding them back from creating the business and life they are meant for. The mindset work is THE most important part of the entrepreneurial journey so if you know you are meant for big things, it’s crucial that the real inner work is done. Natasha’s coaching isn’t just about accountability, but about helping women really step into their power so that their business has the best chance of success. Her own business growth and what she has already achieved to date is testament to the fact that when you overcome those limiting beliefs, anything is possible. If you want to change your mindset you MUST work with Natasha

Dani Watson
Founder of The Clique 

“From the moment I had my first chat with Natasha via phone I knew that I have made the best decision in getting in contact with her. Her energy, enthusiasm  and positivity literally radiates from her and every time I see Natasha I always feel the same bus from her. A good coach supports and believes in you, but the best coach makes you believe in yourself and that is what Natasha have done from me. I went to Natasha with a dream, now with Natasha coaching I have made that dream a reality”

Nicola Codling
Empowerment Coach

Where do I begin…back in July I came across Natasha online and booked a clarity call. I can remember feeling desperate to change my mindset as I was stuck in a rut. I knew after talking to Tasha over the phone I wanted her as my coach and didn’t even bother ‘shopping around’.

I’d experienced a couple of life changing events during the months before I contacted Natasha, events that had made me question ‘why was this happening to me’ I knew I needed to change my mindset. I’d read The Secret along with other self help books which had helped as a start but taking the next step and hiring a coach was the best decision I’d made.

I was really low on confidence, generally not happy, even though I knew I should be and the self doubt kept creeping in.

Within the first week of the Mindset makeover I honestly felt like a different person. I was excited again by the simple things in life, the things that I’d previously taken for granted. I’d bought a franchise which I truly believe in but didn’t have the confidence to put myself out there and start talking about my new business venture.

By week 6 of the Mindset Makeover which was about business I was in a much better place after the previous weeks work and coaching calls.

I can honestly say I am now a more confident, happy, positive & strong person even when going through testing times. I never thought I would be able to say that about myself.

Natasha has been brilliant and pushed me all the way and most importantly believed in me. Money well spent and I don’t regret what I call the best investment I’ve made in myself.

Nikki Everiss
Professional Matchmaker

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