I am a dreamer, entrepreneur, visionary, CEO of my life and a badass mindset coach.

Right now life is pretty damn good……..BUT this hasn’t always been the case.

It was far from it in the year 2014 I was working in London as a commercial/fitting model whilst side hustling my own model agency; in debt, unfulfilled and suffering with degenerative disc disease. Life wasn’t good. I felt so stuck, tired of working all the hours God sent into a business that was hardly making any money but more importantly I was not happy.

But first let me go back to the start. Since the age of three I had always dreamt of being a professional dancer. I trained hard and managed to secure myself a full scholarship at a prestige London dance college. It was at this point, 17 years of age, my whole life crashed down in front of me. I injured myself whilst dancing and found out at the hospital that I had degenerative disc disease and needed major surgery.

The surgeon told me the devastating news that I would never be able to dance again. Heartbroken was not the word. I spent months and months feeling so down and low and didn’t know what I was going to do. All I knew was I wasn’t prepared to give up my dream- that’s when I decided there and then that I need to get my mindset strong first then work on my back. So after a year of physio and back treatment I was back dancing again- unbelievable but true!

Eight months later after a bad car accident I ended up being rushed back to A&E with more devastating news that the disc above had in fact cracked and needed to be replaced immediately. Unfortunately this operation was not as successful as the first one and after three more failed operations I had to accept the news that my dream of being a dancer was over. Again I went into devastation mode, I just felt life was so unfair, “why me?”, “now what the hell am I going to do?”

I’d always thought of myself as a positive person. But I just couldn’t seem to shift how I was feeling. After a lot of soul-searching I decided that maybe dancing wasn’t meant to be my fate and seeing as I loved the performing arts I decided my love of singing was maybe meant to be my next path, so I created a girl band. We secured a TV show and a record deal. Things were really looking up. I felt I was living my best life! (LOL)  that was until I got the blow that I needed more back surgery so bye-bye to my singing career.

I mean, come on, you couldn’t make this up!

I spent months and months of my recovery trying to work out what exactly I wanted to do. I decided to take up an offer that a photographer gave me to go into commercial modelling. This was fun and exciting. Nine years I spent working but I felt this was not my calling. I desperately wanted to find my purpose, I just knew that I wanted more- I wanted to help people.

So… I got my business head on and decided to create my own model agency as I felt this would be a good fit. I knew clients and I knew models and I certainly knew the industry. Surely this was it?!

I cut down my modelling hours to part time so that I could concentrate on the business. I was working all the hours God sent to try and make it work, it just didn’t seem to be making much money but I would just push myself to work harder. And got myself into debt to pay for more things. I can’t even begin to tell you how hard it was but what I will tell you is I know that feeling of being so stuck and having no clue what I was going to do.

Now I will let you into little secret…. I’ve always been interested and fascinated with mindset, how it works, Law of Attraction. One of my first reading books was in fact The Secret, so deep down I knew I always believed in the premise that your thoughts attract your reality. I was obsessed with watching motivational speakers and coaches and being honest with you I had always dreamt of being an influencer but I just had no self belief, in fact I didn’t even know if this could be possible. I didn’t think I was good enough. I mean I couldn’t make dancing, singing or a modelling agency work why would this be different? But the thought of coaching never disappeared, however hard I tried.

It was Christmas 2016 when I had the most honest Convo with my fiancé (now hubby) telling him I wanted to become a coach

Yup I owed it and said it out loud.

Yes I was petrified of what he would say or even worse think BUT I am happy to say this is where it all begins.

As I was in so much debt  I didn’t have the spare money to take my coaching qualifications so I had to ask my boyfriend if I would be able to borrow it from him. He agreed so off I went with the wind behind me and I booked the course straight away I just knew this was the right thing.

So now qualified and ready to go but I still have no idea of the business side of things and more importantly my mindset needed some TLC, as I knew I would never be able to achieve my dreams with my current mindset, this is when I decided I need to hire a mindset coach. Small problem….I didn’t have the £5000 to invest. ACTUALLY BIG PROBLEM…

So after my amazing call with my coach I had to say no I couldn’t afford it and I was going to try it alone… I mean how wrong could I be?

(how wrong was I)

So instead I spent money on a fancy website and photos thinking this is what I really needed- how wrong was I?!

It was my mindset that had the problem and nothing externally was going to change that. I ended up calling my coach back a few months later saying I needed her. You’re probably thinking…ohh how did she get the money for the coaching?

Well this was it……I still didn’t have the money BUT I knew I couldn’t afford to not invest in myself and hire my coach. So maxed out my credit card and I asked my now fiancé (again) to lend me the remaining. Now this was a petrifying decision to make as negative thoughts keep popping up into my head.

What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I can’t pay my credit card back?

What if I don’t make any money?

What if I fail? What if this is another failure?

But I had reached a point in my life where I needed to make big changes and that meant investing in myself and investing in my dream. I had to get rid of my own limiting beliefs as they were holding me back and I knew that I would never be able to have the life I dreamt of if I carried on the way I was.

Turns out it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Life is too freaking short to waste it plodding along- ”Take the chance” is what I say

Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you react to it, and this is what I’ve learnt from all the adversities I have faced in my life. I was meant to go through all of these to make my experience to be able to help support and empower other woman as a coach!

“You can have results or excuses you just can’t have both”

Love this quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger

You can either remain stuck, replaying all of your excuses as to why you are not living a dream life or we can burn that BS list full of excuses, stop the pity party and take action

I now have the life I have always dreamt of, the freedom to do what I want, when I want, with whom I want. It’s real…. Dreams do come true and absolutely will if you take action.

I get to coach women to quit playing small, change their mindset and be that bad ass they were meant to be I can honestly say I have finally found my purpose. (It’s always a pinch myself moment)

I’ve learnt to dream big and this is what I want for you.

Let me tell you this that you can achieve anything you want to do you just have to believe it.

If you create the right mindset you will be unstoppable.

If you only knew the power of your mindset you wouldn’t waste another second procrastinating and settling. Remember 80% of business is mindset- Yes, 80%!!!!!

That just shows how important it is to look after your mindset.


“Are you ready to create an extra-ordinary life?”

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